Groove Construction Inc. is an established framing and trim subcontractor with more than 25 years of experience working on some of the finest homes and commercial buildings in Middle Tennessee. The company’s skilled professionals regularly exceed the expectations of discerning homeowners and respected business people by doing things the right way the first time.

Groove works closely with clients during every stage of a construction project to deliver beautiful, well-built homes and cutting-edge commercial buildings using the latest technology to produce virtually any type of architectural design.

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We specialize in general contracting throughout City of Chicago and all other suburban cities.

Whether you are building your dream home from the ground up or in need of home addition for your growing family or simply want to remodel your house, our experienced team is here to help you to bring your vision into life. We will guide you through the complicated process of construction from the initial planning to entitlement processing, to placing the concrete and raising the walls – we can handle every aspect of your next residential projects and deliver it to your expectation.


We Build Long Lasting Relationships
The relationships that we build with our customers are made to last. As a result of the quality work that we do, our customers make us their lifetime general contractors. We are prompt, professional, and offer the services you need to ensure that your general contracting problems are completely solved.

The Benefits of Using Our Experienced Residential Contractors
As our customer, you can be confident that retaining our assistance means every penny is well spent. Whether you are a beauty salon, manufacturing facility, corporation, industrial or commercial facility, the solutions that we offer to your general contracting needs are effective. We have experience with over a hundred different projects for a wide variety of clients. Trust us with your general contracting needs. We make our clients’ dream come true!


Quality service
Fair prices
Efficient work
Effective results
Wonderful customer service
24/7 availability
Experienced electricians
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At Mongol Group Construction, your needs are put first. We look forward to doing business with you and are excited to offer you the most efficient and effective general contracting service. Contact us today for knowledgeable, experienced, and competent general contracting services.

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