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Expert Eavestrough Installation & Repair in London, Wyoming, Sarnia, & Western Ontario

Eavestrough Cleaning & Clogging Are a Thing of The Past!

Gutter King Canada is now a wholly-owned division of Daniel Construction. At Gutter King Canada, we take pride in installing world-class gutters and gutter guards. Our products will provide you with the maintenance-free solution you’ve been searching for!

It is not unusual to forget about the gutters on your home until there is an issue. When you see your eavestroughs starting to back up and leak, you can expect to see damage to your roof, fascia boards, siding, and sometimes the gutters as well. Don’t let your old eavestroughs create water damage and cause you more interior structural repairs.

Call the eavestrough installation and repair specialists at Gutter King Canada. We can replace your old eavestrough with a high-quality eavestrough and downspout system that will direct water away from your home’s foundation where it can cause serious damage over time.

What You Can Expect from Our Gutter & Eavestrough Services:

  • Inspection and measurements prior to installation.
  • Custom eavestrough solutions, measured to exact specifications.
  • Strong, seamless, watertight gutters.
  • Complete clean-up and debris removal.
  • Gutter protection and eavestrough systems are installed by licensed professionals.

Which Type of Eavestrough System is Best for Me?

Eavestroughs are available in many different colors and styles. Each variety has its own unique aesthetic appeal and benefits.

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are named because their profile resembles the letter K. They come in several different sizes, but the two most common are the five-inch and the six-inch versions. K-gutters are most often made of aluminum, but are also available in vinyl, copper, and steel. K-gutters have the benefit of being stronger and more able to handle and hold more water than round gutters, with less chance of bending under heavy weight.

Seamless Aluminum Eavestroughs

Seamless eavestroughs are economical, effective, and easy to install, which is why they are a top pick for contractors and homeowners alike. Seamless gutters are custom-made to fit the exact length needed for your home. They have no joints for water or debris to get into or drip through. Aluminum eavestroughs have many distinct advantages. They won’t rust and are much less likely to crack like vinyl or steel.

Half-Round Eavestroughs

Half-round Eavestroughs have a vintage appeal and are often found on turn-of-the-century homes. Many homeowners like to go with this look to add a bit of class to their homes’ exterior. Half-round eavestroughs are made from variety of materials, including copper, steel, and plastic. They can also be made as seamless. Some of the advantages they offer over K-style gutters include their rounded design that limits corrosion and clogs and allows for easier cleaning. The one drawback is they don’t hold as much water and sometimes that can result in the gutter overflow in high-precipitation areas.

Copper Eavestroughs

Copper eavestroughs are a great option if you are looking to add a certain style or artistic flair to your home’s exterior. Copper gutters are durable, and they will patina over time, but they won’t rust or need to be repainted. Copper eavestroughs need to be professionally installed because they do require soldering to make them watertight. Copper gutters or eavestroughs tend to be more expensive and harder to install. But if you want your home to have that unique beautiful exterior accent, they are worth considering.

Gutter Guards

If you are installing new eavestroughs, you may want to install gutter guards. Gutter guards eliminate the need to clean your eavestroughs every few months and help prevent water damage to your home. Since you are already investing in your home by replacing your eavestrough system, why not add gutter guards and eliminate the nuisance of clogged eavestroughs and downspouts and debris cleanup?

Don’t Put Up with Old, Ugly, Clog-Prone Eavestroughs

A high-quality eavestrough system will improve your home’s curb appeal and help you avoid costly water damage to your home. Call Gutter King Canada today or use our super easy form below to schedule a free onsite consultation and estimate. Our full eavestrough replacement and gutter repair services are available across Western Ontario from Sarnia and Wyoming to Strathroy, and everywhere in between.

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