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At Daniel Construction in Wyoming, Ontario, we specialize in complete framing services for residential single- and multi-family framing construction projects throughout the Western Ontario area, including the Sarnia, Petrolia, Plimpton, Watford, and Strathroy, Ontario areas.  At Daniel Construction, we can manage and complete every aspect of your construction framing project.

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Wood Framing is our signature construction service that we provide. At Daniel Construction, we are proud to have some of the most experienced framing contractors anywhere in the Sarnia, Wyoming or Strathroy, Ontario area. We also offer complete metal framing services which can provide the framing for more complex design features such as providing the appearance of decorative and dropped ceilings.

We are especially proud of the many framing contracts we have completed from single-family homes to multi-unit building construction, apartment complexes, churches, and commercial construction projects.

Why Use Our Experienced Framing Experts

As a Daniel Construction customer, you can be confident that working with us provides you with the experienced, quality construction services and skills, and confidence that we will complete your project on time, on budget, and to your specifications.  Whether you are a homeowner, apartment complex owner, homeowners association, or general contractor, you can be confident in our experienced, professional building construction framing solutions.

What Does a Framing Contractor Do?

In residential and commercial construction, framing is fitting together the pieces of a building or structure to give it both shape and support. Framing can be accomplished with a variety of building materials, the most common of which is dimensional lumber (2×4’s, 2×10’s, etc.). Other common framing materials include engineered wood, or steel.

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Construction framing can take many forms, including standard “stick frame” construction, as well as timber frame, post frame as used in pole building framing, and steel framing. Light-frame construction includes platform and light-steel framing.

Wyoming, Ontario Framing Contractor

Construction Framing Contractor at your service. At Daniel Construction, quality, expertise and service are our watch words. It is how we do business and is woven deeply into our corporate culture. We look forward to working with you and are excited to provide you with the best, most efficient framing service you will find anywhere in the province of Ontario.

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